By Mayimuna Nabagereka

I’m not sure that what’s happening these past few days is healthy for the political system of the country, such as it is.Hardly a day passes without a Tom, Dick and Harry coming up to say he wants to be president.The office that we used to look upon with awe and wonderment has been rendered ordinary via its occupation by a man who sees himself as a small god for 30 years. Why is Museveni arresting Mbabazi’s supporters? For, that seems to be our quest: Take an already bad situation and do all we can to make it as bad as it can possibly be, and then see what happens.

It’s already known that the political system in Uganda is so corrupted by money that it would take an inordinate number of people and huge quantities of time and goodwill to fix — even it were just…

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30 Days of Creative Writing: Day 1

The Limits of Selflessness

The World I See

Me. My thoughts. My imagination.

I don’t see individual races
Only individual faces
With different minds, different smiles, and different voices.

I don’t see troubled pasts
Just a caught present
A pupil of one’s future and to learn a lesson.

I don’t see in black and white
But in every different creed and every different colour
Making life less duller.

I don’t see a sexual preference
Just a way of living
For a life to live that’s fulfilling.

I don’t see disabilities
Only new abilities
Making the most of life and less misery.

I don’t see evil or hatred
Just those who misunderstand the truth
With inabilities to accept or choose.

I see human beings
With different stories worth hearing
And different lives worth seeing.

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Morning Bright

Longreads Best of 2014: Our 10 Most Popular Exclusives of the Year

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This year, Longreads worked with a group of outstanding writers and publishers to produce original stories and exclusives that hadn’t been previously published online. It was all funded with support from our Longreads Members. You can read them all here.

Here’s a list of the 10 most popular stories we published this year. Join us to help fund more stories in 2015.

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The Top 5 Longreads of the Week


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